National Beer Day

National beer day (USA)

We are talking the 3rd most highest consumed drink after Water and Tea. An disputable top most consumed alcoholic beverage beating others by a far margin.

With such a fan following and cult, how come it not does command a day dedicated to itself. You guessed it right, it is “Beer”. As of today, more than
35 billion gallons of beer are produced worldwide per day.

Check out the Top 10 selling beers across US, Europe and India:

Here are the facts that you would like to know about your favorite day, the “National Beer Day”

When– April 7 (USA), June 15 (UK)

Why This was the day on which Beer was allowed to be legally manufactured and sold in US. It’s a day to celebrate and pay gratitude for beer brewers and the ones who serves them.

History: Prohibition was enforced by then Congress in 1919 under 8th Amendment. This was revoked by Late President Roosevelt (God Bless him wherever he is)under Cullen-Harrison Act in 1933. Act was passed on March 22 but came to effect on 7th April, 1933. US rejoiced drinking and dancing on the street.
As far as the origin is concerned, some archaeologists have come out with the finding that it was in the Middle east that beer like beverage was
produced and consumed more than 10000 years ago. Well , it’s not a fact that we have an exact proof of but definitely worth noting that it originated
from hot region like Middle east.

What happens- Special events across the whole of the country like Beer Festivals and competition that brings out the Boozy Devils inside the beer lovers.
April, The 6th , a day before National Beer Day is considered as New Beer’s eve.

What to do – Hit the town hard with your friends or alone (You never know, amidst the brouhaha, you might meet someone interesting) or call you friends home
and play the best beer games for fun.
Follow the link below to check for the fun games.

International Beer day:

Well , there is also a day for the unification of all the beer lovers. 7th August every year is considered as International Beer day. Of course, many
countries have their own national beer day like US, UK (15th June), but the International beer day glues all the world together.

The Key aspect of the day are:
a) To unite beer lovers
b) To celebrate brewers and Servers

Conclusion: Every day and every drink needs to be celebrated. At the same time, the brewers and the servers of our drink need to be recognized each and every day. Celebration and paying our heed to people behind our drink calls for no special day. However, It’s the spirit of national beer day that must be kept rejuvenated.


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