About Myself


A  connoisseur of the beers and the boozes

Super enthusiast, energetic and passionate, I am Ambarish,  a mid-level leader by profession in the biggest IT and Telecom sphere, a real estate investor, a blogger and an author. My work and seeking penchant has taken me to multiple places across the globe. I have a special fetish to taste all kinds of drinks (From the most popular one to the local ones) from US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, France Germany, Czech, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Middle east to India.

I love to share my experience on the taste, share views from the real experts, locals so that all your boozy cravings get the right treat it deserve for each  specific occasion.

Beer and Whiskey have a unique taste of its own. Through my blog, i intend to share all the fascinating cuisines that can be prepared by using beers and the Whiskeys. So , be it Grills, Steaks, Kababs or Indian heavy duty Spicy chicken , brace yourself and watch this space for the unique feast. I have a special love for crafted beers and through my blog and I will share the best details around it.


You can contact me on buyonlinebeer@gmail.com


As much as l like to share the experience, i also love to hear others experiences as well. Do share your comments, feed backs, experiences of the beers, boozes and the cuisines.