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Alcohol and Heartburn. Top Tips to reduce acidity after alcohol


Do you have acidic burns after heavy doze of alcohol?  Do you feel immense hangover after heavy night of boozing? Well, here is the solution for Alcohol and Heartburn.

All the boozers do go through this stage, though some to a lesser extent than others. You will be surprised that It depends on number of factors and not just on the amount of booze that you gulped last night.

Well, before we move on to answering the question How to reduce acidity after heavy consumption of alcohol,  Imperative to keep in mind a few things to the next time you plan to splurge on drinking big.

What you are drinking is important and can determine how you feel the next day?

Beer is the 3rd most consumed drink after water and Tea (Also Refer: for more interesting beer facts and survey result). 

So, it is obvious that it caters at the top for alcohol lovers.

However, do you know that Beer has the highest acidic component than other drinks.m

Next comes Wine. Made primarily from yeast, it has an acidic content as well.

The best bet is to limit your drink? I am sure this is difficult choice.

So, if you really have a temptation to drink, I recommend sip on the milder drinks like Margarita, Vodka or Gin. If you can add that with apple or carrot juice, definitely it helps avoid the acidic hit the next day big time.

Another important point to consider for Alcohol and Heartburn is to give a good amount of buffer time between the drinking and sleeping time. Ideally , you should drink at least 5-6 hours before calling the day off.  You also would like to ensure that your stomach is not pressed. It can aggravate the things.

This bring us to the most important topic,

How to reduce acidity after heavy consumption of alcohol?

Here are my top picks that has helped 9 out of 10 times to me and to the friends and family I know.  However, important to understand the concept of  “to each his own”.

Having said that these are the most potent picks and has a best chance to give the relief.

  1. Basil Leaves: Drinking 3-4 basil leave Immersed in cup of Water can give instant relief. Drink it in moderation every 45 min- 1 hour.

  • Butter milk– Lactic acid component in it can provide a soothing effect to your acidity. Have it after your meal.

  • Banana: Has natural antacids which neutralized the effect of acidity in stomach

  • Cold Milk– Another of the picks that I have not tried but I have received strong positive reviews from everywhere for its ability to neutralize acidity. Mind you “Cold” is the key word here.

  • Coconut water: turns your body PH level from acidic to alkaline and negate chances of acidity any further.

Bonus tip: The reason why acidity(Alcohol and Heartburn) hits us is because the food tries to make a way back to oesophagus again from stomach which creates heart burn. Now when we drink lying down, there is a greater possibility of stomach acids to reflect back up. So, a rule of the thumb is to sleep in a way wherein the upper body is elevated (Chest and head are above the waist thereby not allowing acid to travel back up). Recommended elevation is 10-20 cm.


Well, the cures above are an instant home remedy tips, If you feel that your condition is quite bad or not improving, definitely consult a doctor.

Conclusion: Prevention is better than cure. Listing down the takeaways of the article.


  • Drink plenty of fluid before boozing

  • Drink in moderation. If you have history of acidic effect, limit the alcohol to 12 Oz (Approx) beer. Else Try drinks like Gin, Voda margarita in apple, carrot juice

  • Try and keep 5-6 hours of gap before the last drink and the sleep


Any of the five foods mentioned (Basil Water, Banana, Cold Milk, Butter Milk and Coconut water). Sleep with upper body elevated i.e bed should be 20-30 cms elevated from the top side.


Check out your Alcohol level calculator:



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