Top 10 most popular and Best Selling Beers across the world


When it comes to beers, the choices varies quite distinctly. Some countries or continents seems to have liking for strong beers and some for lighter one.
Of, course factors like Socio- Economic conditions, Weather etc. plays a large part in determining that.


Here we have tried to compare the “Top-10 most popular and Best Selling Beers across the world”. For ease of comparison, We have taken Europe, USA and India (Asia) as reference. 

Top-10 selling Beer Europe Vs USA Vs India

Top 10 Best Domestic beers/Craft Beer as per region

Fun Facts


Drinking culture and habits – Europe and America

  • While Europe and India drinks a moderate beer, US beer lovers have more fascination for strong beers.

  • However, the per person consumption of beer is much higher in Europe than in America

  • The legal Age for Drinking in America is 21 years as opposed to 18 years in Europe and India

  • Americans love whiskeys while European has inclination towards Gin (Especially the one’s from UK and Spain)

  • Europeans have popularized the Hold the drink concept. They also love moderation in taste. Americans on the other hand drink quite fast and are more open to extreme tastes (Bitter or very Sweet)

  • Just a look on the bottle suggest a few things. While Europe and India have a simple plain bottle cover, Beer bottles and cans in US are quite flashy, trendy and cool. Traits of Alcoholism and being cool of could be seen in American movies. (Though Indian have more fascination for American ways due to Hollywood movies)

  • One common aspect of drinking culture is America and Europe is that Americans take pride in drinking to the downright extreme, competition of who drinks the highest is common among the youth. The European drinking style is more subtle, mostly defined by a glass of wine or two after dinner.

  • Again here, Indians are taking cue from US counterparts. Europeans drink are mostly to comprehend with their food, their is not much of a bravado attached in general.

  • Americans tend to engage in a conversation with bar tenders more often than the Europeans. In Europe, the conversation in general limits to “Hi , Two JD Small please”.

Conclusion: Most popular and Best Selling Beers across the world is a good insight to understand people’s taste and a lot about their culture, conditions.  However, this space is quite evolving with globalization and ease of availability of all products across anywhere. In the days to come,  it wouldn’t be a surprise to see similar taste and top-3 brands ruling the roost as we have with Whiskeys wherein JD, Jameson’s are a global favorites.